Hi, I’m Sean Romero Kelly


I'm a
Full Stack Developer

I’ve always had a passion for being behind a computer screen and using technology as an outlet for creativity. I have a strong interest in design and building delightful user experiences. I love to code for the innate fulfillment I get from building things that work.



#HTML #CSS #JavaScript #jQuery #AJAX
Free Code Camp Projects

In an effort to expose myself to learn more about the front-end I decided to commit to completing Free Code Camp’s Front End Development Certificate. In order to receive this certificate, I completed a series of required projects and algorithm scripting questions.

#HTML #CSS #JavaScript #Bootstrap
Sam Hudgens Music

I designed this landing page for the up and coming Chicago musician Sam Hudgens in order to help share his art and expand his digital presence. I used the JavaScript library fullPage.js in order to achieve some unique full page scrolling effects. Be sure to check this one out on mobile and web!

#HTML #CSS #TypeScript #Angular
Angular Recipe Box

The Angular Recipe Box is a web application that allows users to create and store recipes that have names, ingredients, and directions. This project allowed me to expand my knowledge of Angular and learn valuable SPA development concepts. I'm currently working on a backend for this project using GraphQL and Apollo.

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